On A Personal Note

December 10, 2012

From October through late November I had adjuvant chemotherapy. The main side effect was serious fattigue. But the chemo ended a few weeks ago and I am now beginning to regain my energy.

We are heading down to our place in Mexico next week and I am looking forward to a full recovery in the warmth and sun of Mexico. (Wearing lots of sunscreen, of course).

Thanks to all for your thoughts and best wishes during the past six months. They have meant a lot to me.

September 9, 2012

Michael @ Lula – September 8, 2012

Thank you to the many people who have written in recent weeks continuing to inquire about my health. It was never my intention to do a blog about it. This site is about my photography, not about my personal life. But, with a substantial amount of mail from people continuing to arrive I figured that another update was in order.

My recovery from surgery continues to go very well. My strength is returning daily, and life has started to return pretty much to normal.But, there’s a but. I recently started adjuvant chemotherapy, four rounds which will last till about early December. So far so good, and I’m not feeling much of any of the possible side effects. I know that this will tire me out in the weeks ahead and kick the piss out of my immune system for a while, but it’s worth it to eradicate any lastblue meaniesthat may be lurking. (That’s what my wife calls them). And, yes, I am doing a well-researched and appropriate dietary program to aid with countering the chemo’s immune system assault.

I’m sorry not to be going to Photokina and Cologne next week. But, I have to work on getting my health and strength back first. Nick Devlin and Edmund Roland will have my back, and will be reporting from the show floor. I’ll also have, and will be attending some product previews here in Toronto and will be reporting on them at the appropriate times.

August 25, 2012

It’s now been a month since I left the hospital and many people have written asking for updates on my health. Thanks for your concern.

Over the past several weeks I have grown stronger daily. I now feel well enough drive again, do long distance urban hikes, and even do a little shooting (though only with small and light cameras. TheSony RX100is perfect for me at the moment). After Labour Day I begin a 12 week round of adjuvant chemotherapy. Hard to know what the side effects will be. They are worse for some people than others.

I’m hoping for the best, and plan on doing a small moose and fall colour shoot in Algonquin Park in early October. I am also now planning my 2013 workshop schedule and will have an announcement on Monday, Aug 27th about the first of them, a major expedition on Australia next June. Watch for it.


August 8, 2012

It’s now been almost a month since my surgery. Recovery is taking time, but each day I feel a bit stronger. I’ll soon be starting 3-4 months of chemotherapy, so I won’t be going to Photokina after all. My good friend and frequent contributor to this siteNick Devlinwill be there though and will be reporting directly from the show. 

July 24, 2012

It’s been ten days since my surgery, I am now home, sleeping in my own bed – and boy, doesn’t that feel great!

I want to thanks the literally hundreds of people that have written over the past few days with their best wishes for my recovery. Many also wrote about how much my the web site has meant to them during their own photographic journey, and hearing that means a lot to me.

I also would like to mention the extraordinary people at Toronto General Hospital. World-class medicine and first-class care. Thank you.

July 21, 1012

I’m writing to update you on some personal health developments that will affect my activities over the next several months.

In late June I was diagnosed with bladder cancer and am now recovering in hospital following a Radical Cystectomy.

Recovery will be a lengthy process, taking some 6-8 weeks. In the context of the web site, this means that during that period, while I will soon be able to continue my writing and editorial work, my ability to do new product reviews, teach, and attend pre-Photokina product preview events will be limited.

I still hope to attend Photokina in Cologne in mid-September and resume normal activity following that. Between now and then will be devoted to health recovery. Thanks in advance for your thoughts and best wishes. With 1.5 million monthly readers I obviously won’t be able to  communicate as directly with everyone as I might wish. 

Cancer is scary, but it also can be beaten. Please make a donation to your local Cancer Society.