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June 29, 2011 ·

Michael Reichmann

Portfolios for Photographers by Andy Biggs
Portfolios for Photographers by Andy Biggs

There are so many ways to present photographs, and I decided to put together a video here in the studio to show many of the different portfolio options that are on the market today. I see more and more people using the Apple iPad for the showing of photographs, however there is no substitute for a printed image on paper. A properly printed body of work shows more than just the work of a photographer, but it can show the mastery of the craft of printing as well as the vision of a photographer.

I am a stickler for well printed photographs on paper, and it is something that I spend much of my time working on in my studio. I even run printing workshops in my studio, because I enjoy printing my own work as well as looking at others’ work. I am not saying that an iPad cannot work, but rather a printed portfolio has the opportunity actually be the final step in the photographic process.

If you do a web search for portfolios, you will see many different products, however most of them seem to be targeted to a student’s budget. This is totally ok and valid, but the readers of this site may want something nicer and are willing to pay more than $10 or $20.

The idea for the video was to put forth some tangible ideas for your own photo portfolios, and the products in the video range from around $5.50 to around $400. I have items from Moab Paper, Lost Luggage, Portfoliobox.com and Dane Creek Folios. The video isn’t a complete roundup of all of the products on the market, however it is a video that shows what I have actually used myself.

Disclaimer:  I do consulting work for Moab Paper, in that I create their ICC profiles for their paper.

External links:

Andy Biggs Portfolio Boxes for sale

Moab Paper Chinle Ice Nine Portfolios 8×8” is $40 and 12×12 is $55 (both include 10 sheets of paper)

Moab Paper Chinle Digital Books 8×8” is $40 and 12×12 is $55 (no paper is included)

Moab Paper Chinle Economy Folio 8.5×11 is $23, 11×17 is $31, 13×19 is $36 and 17×22 is $42.

Moab Paper Chinle Archival Box boxes start at $15 and go up to $58

Dane Creek Folios folio packages start at $5.50

Portfoliobox.com a custom quote is required. I spent around $3300 for fifteen 8.5×11 and fifteen 13×19 boxes.

Lost Luggage I paid around $400 for my brown leather portfolio. Prices vary, depending on product and size.

July, 2011

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