Printing for The Fine Art Photographer

Bill AtkinsonandCharlie Cramerare renown for their comprehensive seminars on fine art printing, as well as for their own world-class landscape and nature photography. These high regarded weekend seminars by Charlie and Bill, are usually given atThe Ansel Adams Gallery,The Lepp Instituteand atCalypso Imagingin California.

Now, for the first time, this weekend workshop is being offered atThe Luminous Landscape Gallery and Print Studioin Toronto, Canada.


October 5 – 7, 2007

The seminar begins on the evening of Friday, October 5 at 5pm. There will be an evening session, and this is followed by all-day sessions on Saturday, Oct 6, and Sunday October 7, concluding that day at 6pm

Everything you need to know to make the finest digital prints from your color transparencies, negatives, or digital camera files will be covered. Subjects will include equipment selection, workflow, color management, scanning, using Photoshop to fine-tune your images, and preparing files for digital printing.


Seminar Schedule

Friday Evening – October 5

– Meet the instructors and participants
– The digital workflow / The Master File Concept
– Viewing HALF of the participant’s work (4 prints max. each) for print critiques / discussing what makes a good print

A buffet supper will be provided

Saturday – October 6


– Exposure for film and digital files – reading histograms
– Photoshop Exercises
– Setting highlight brightness, using curves
– Setting shadows, and "sudden black" technique

LUNCH – a working lunch will be provided

– More hands-on exercises
– S curves and curve shortcuts. Color balancing
– Color Management

DINNER – A buffet supper will be provided

– Viewing other HALF of participant’s work
– Developing RAW files / Lightroom



– Concluding RAW development
– Additional Photoshop Exercises
– Radial Gradient, doing fancy selections easily
– Brightening and Darkening, retouching on a separate layer
– Using Photoshop Actions
– Discussion on selecting a printer
– Participant work on their own images and PRINT.

An HP 3100 and Canon iPF5000 are both available, and participants will be able to make prints up to 20 X 30" in size from their own files to take home after the seminar.

– Charlie and Bill will work with everyone with suggestions on optimizing their images!

LUNCH – a working lunch will be provided

– More printing
– Critique of participants’ prints
– Conclusion



This seminar is limited to just 20 participants, and will only be offered once in Toronto during 2007. Anyone attending should havebasicPhotoshop familiarity. This is not a beginners or introductory course on Photoshop.

Each participant will be required to bring their own laptop computer (PC or Mac), and have a copy of Photoshop (CS2 or CS3) installed on it. Lightroom should also be installed, or at least Camera Raw 4.0 if CS3 is used.

Seminar participants are encouraged to bring four (4) prints of the current work to show and discuss with the instructors and other seminar members. Also bring image files to work on during the seminar.



The cost of this all-inclusive weekend seminar is US $649. This includes a materials fee to cover ink and paper used in printing, two working lunches and dinners on-site both days, and continuously available refreshments during all three days and evenings. There are no additional costs. (Canadians please note that seminar fees are in $US, because that’s the way our online store is set up).

Sign Up and Pay Online

Out-of-town participants will be directed to one of several good quality yet moderately priced hotels near to downtown (under CDN $150 / night). These hotels are about a $5 – $7 taxi ride from the gallery / studio. If you are coming from any distance, traveling by car or by air, you should figure on arriving at the gallery no later than 6pm on Friday evening, and on leaving the gallery to head home no earlier than 6pm on Sunday evening.

If you wish to also attend the Exhibition Opening (see below) for Bill and Charley’s show at the gallery, plan to be in town for Thursday evening, Oct 4 as well.


If you are unable to attend after registering and making payment online, a refund of $549 will be possible up to Sept 1, 2007. After that date a refund of that amount may still be possible, but only if your place can be re-filled. If we have to cancel this seminar for any reason, a full refund will be made.


The Gallery Exhibit

Both Charlie and Bill’s photographs are in private and public collections worldwide, and are exhibited at a number of major US galleries. Coincident with their Toronto seminarThe Luminous Landscape Gallerywill be hosting an exhibit of prints by Bill and Charlie – the first time either of their work has been shown in a gallery outside of the US.

The show’s opening will be on Thursday, October 4, and the exhibit will run for the month of October. There will be an opening reception on the Thursday evening to which the public is invited. This is an opportunity for those not attending the seminar to meet Charlie and Bill and to discuss their work with them in person.