QuickTime FAQ

QuickTime for Windows is available as a free downloadhereand for Machere.


QuickTime for Windows Player Problems


Q:When I try to play a video the sound is absolutely fine, but the screen just shows green/black fuzziness 

A:Open Quicktime 7
Click on Edit tab and go to Preference,
Then click on QuickTime Preference.
Once that opens, click on Advanced tab
You will see a selection for video or direct X.
Click on Safe mode(GDI only)
Then click on Apply, then OK.
Restart QuickTime and play a movie to test.

Q:I cannot get QuickTime to work on my computer

A:  Should you have recently installed other player software, ‘permissions’ may have been altered. Amongst the many posts on Apple’sQuickTime for Windowsdiscussion forum, you may find some help.

Q:I am using ‘Vista’, is there a QuickTime version for that? 

A:No, to date (2/24/2007) there is no version for Vista. However some people have reported being able to use QuickTime 7.1.3. . . Caution! Your milage may vary.