The Secret of Colour in Landscape Photography by Alister Benn

The two words landscape & photography have come to represent a vast spectrum of styles, nuances, characteristics and aesthetics. From a single exposure on a

Photographer Profiles

The Synthetic Authentic of Maya Fuhr

At the nexus of the Floridian cultural void, there is a beauty to the sun-set drenched, air-conditioned culture of gated communities and the seedy swamp

Camera & Technology

HR-1 SuperChroma

We’re increasingly demanding more and more demands from our cameras. We already have 14 steps of dynamic range, very low noise at 3200 ISO, an

Phase One TriChromatic Sensor Explained

Pushing The Envelope Phase One is a unique company as they continually have a tendency to achieve what others say can’t be done.  They also

Expanded Neutrals Testing

Several posts in the LULA Forum and further thinking about the importance of the grayscale to overall image quality sparked my interest in developing an

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