Lightpainting with a Harmonograph Harmony of Light – From Technology to Art? By Andrew Carter

Introduction I am a lifetime enthusiast photographer, but my career has been in Optoelectronics and Engineering, designing and building the devices that power today’s optical


A sturdy base and some light – part 2 of a series of short reviews.

1.) Camera Support equipment (Robus, Oben and Arca-Swiss). Camera support is a longer topic, and much of this equipment will be revisited in more depth

Landscape & Environment

Artificial Light for Nature Photography

Photography is about playing with photons, at least in terms of conventional photography. Whereas in nature photography, with the exception of some underwater shots, it

Camera & Technology

Bringing Xenon Flash to the Adaptalux Studio

Publisher’s Note: On occasion, The Luminous Landscape sees fit to support and promote unique or useful photographic technologies and campaigns by small start-ups and individuals. The

Image 1: With Cyclist

What Makes a Great Fine Art Architectural Photograph?

It was and always will be my belief that a great architectural image must adhere to the following 3 features: Composition is King. In architectural

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