What’s New in Lightroom 4 Overview

January 10, 2012

Adobe has just announced the release ofLightroom 4. Actually its full name (love the way those corporate types think) isAdobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 Public Beta. Let’s just call in LR4, shall we?

But,what’s a public beta, you ask? It’s very clever actually. What it means is that anyone candownloadLR4 for the next while (maybe a couple of months). No cost, no need to have owned a previous version of Lightroom. Then, when the commercial version of LR4 ships yourpublic betaversion will cease to function. You’ll have two choices at that point. You can purchase or upgrade and then have a full perpetual working copy, or simply walk away sayingno thanks.

The system does provide Adobe with a vast number of people to find small last minute bugs (it is a very complex program, with support for hundreds of different cameras, and numerous platforms), but more importantly it seeds the program into the marketplace for tens of thousands of new users, curious as to what it is and how it works. Believe me – there are very few people, who once they have spent any time discovering the depth of Lightroom, turn their backs on it.

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The above 22 minute free streaming video looks at the primary new features in Lightroom 4 –
Softproofing, Book, Map, Moire Brush, Video Ingest, New Tone Controls and more…


As regular readers knowJeff Scheweand I have been involved in Lightroom since before it was first introduced. We have together produced numerous training videos, and in Jeff’s case books as well. We will be shooting a brand new multi-hour Lightroom 4 training video in January, which should become available beginning in late February.

In the meantime, for the many thousands of current Lightroom owners who already know Lightroom 3.6 or earlier, and who simply want to discover quickly what the new features in LR4 are, I have produced a free streaming 22 minute long video introduction.

Please note. This is what is best called a casual “kitchen table” video, and not one of the professional productions that our video producerChris Sandersondoes so well. I also had some audio issues (which you’ll no doubt hear if you listen closely).

There is also no attempt to be all-inclusive. This video is simply intended to point you toward the major new features found in LR4, rather than how to use them. For that you’ll need to wait for our full LR4 training video release coming in late February or early March. Till then, explore the new features in Lightroom.

Our colleague Ian Lyons has just published his own overview of Lightroom 4.
It can be found here.



Download Lightroom 4 Public Beta

January, 2012