Andrew Molitor

Andrew Molitor

Andrew became a mathematician about the time the internet became the world-wide-web, but fell in to software development by accident. After 25 years of that he's just Dad. All along, Andrew took pictures, some of them small ones, and formed opinions, some of them big ones. He lives in Bellingham, WA, with his beautiful wife and two small daughters. Andrew's slightly unorthodox ideas for the beginning photographer can be found here:

Articles by Andrew Molitor

Sequencing: Part I

Sequencing. The bane of the would-be book creator. This is the first of two pieces on sequencing, in which I pull together ideas from all over,

Landscape & Environment

Congratulations, You are an Artist!

Photographers are remarkably resistant to the idea that they are artists. Not every photographer, of course, but in a group of photographers you’ll usually find



Some years ago I was reading Henry Peach Robinson’s book Pictorial Effect in Photography (a text from the 1860s) and ran across a compositional device he


An asian man makes a crepe in a shop window.

Photography is Selection

  Photography is not a creative act.   Got your attention, did I? Don’t worry, I’m not trying to take anything away from you, or

Landscape & Environment

The back end of a garbage truck, exiting one alley, heading into the next


The City of Bellingham, in Washington State, where I live, is a city of alleys. More precisely, the part of Bellingham that was built before