Hawaii – The Big Island

Lava Creature. Hawaii. December, 2014
Fuji X-T1 with XF 50-140mm lens @ ISO 5000

The biggest island in the Hawain chain is called "The Big Island". Why? Well, obviously because it is the biggest, but also because it is called The Island of Hawaii, and since the state is also called Hawaii, this causes no end of confusion. So, everyone simply calls it The Big Island. How big is The Big Island? One can drive its circumference in less than a day and from … [Read more...]

Four Season In France


In Europe, this year is one to commemorate the beginning of the Great War, with much reflection about the political and cultural atmosphere leading up to World War I 100 years ago. While the earth has become a different place to live in the past century – with four times as many people, vastly more efficient transportation infrastructure and an increasing globalization that, … [Read more...]

Arches National Park – A Quick Guide To Photography


by QT Luong  Delicate Arch, winter sunset Canham KBC 5x7, Fuji Velvia,  Schneider Super-Angulon 120mm, polarizer Forty years ago, Arches was a little-known site with a single-track dirt road. It now attracts visitors from all over the world, many of them photographers drawn to its extraordinary rock formations.  Although I have visited the park half-a-dozen times, turning … [Read more...]

Svalbard 2014 – the High Arctic


14 Image Stitch (handheld) Nikon D800E, ISO 400, 24-70mm, 1250th/sec at f/8 By Kevin Raber  Publishers Note: Since 2005 I have been fascinated with the Antarctica region and have visited there six times with each trip having special memories for me.  For whatever reason I somehow never explored the Northern Polar region until last year.   That trip was totally awesome.  Here … [Read more...]

Acadia National Park – A Quick Guide To Photography


Birch trunks and red maple leaves. Canham KBC 5x7, Fuji Velvia, Fuji C 450mm, f/64 2s Waiting for pictures Acadia National Park packs a great variety of scenery in a small (only  40,000 acres, 5th smallest US National Park) and easily accessible area .  The shoreline includes beaches, headlands, boulders, and slabs with a range of orientations. Large and small freshwater … [Read more...]