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August 27, 2012 ·

Michael Reichmann

This Index is organised by Topic and by individual LLVJ Issue:



Techniques & Discussions

Equipment Reviews



LLVJ Issue1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15




Death Valley –Issue 1&Issue 8
Grand Canyon –Issue 2
Colorado river rafting –Issue 2
Mono Lake –Issue 2
Bristlecone Pine Forest –Issue 2
Bosque del Apache – Bird photography –Issue 3
Dunes & Marshes (Ontario, Canada) –Issue 3
White Sands –Issue 4
Antelope Canyon –Issue 4
Canyon de Chelly –Issue 4
Arches & Canyonlands –Issue 5
Blue Ridge Parkway –Issue 6
Great Smoky Mountains Workshop –Issue 6
Lake Powell – Master Class –Issue 7
Zion (Lake Powell) –Issue 7
Bryce Canyon (Lake Powell) –Issue 7
Iceland –Issue 8
Yellowstone & Grand Teton (Fall) –Issue 9
Yellowstone (Winter) –Issue 10
Costa Rica –Issue 11
The Rockies –Issue 12
Ship breaking yards at Chittagong –Issue 12
Africa – Tanzanian Photo Safari –Issue 13
China: street shooting in Shanghai –Issue 14
Florida swamp – shooting in Clyde Butcher’s backyard –Issue 14
Bangladesh –Issue 15



Camera Movements –Issue 2
Better Black & White –Issue 2
Digital Imaging Primer (Part 1) –Issue 4
Digital Imaging Primer (Part 2) –Issue 5
Inkjet Printer Setup –Issue 7
Digital Workflow (Part 1) –Issue 12
Digital Workflow (Part 2) –Issue 13
Adobe ® Lightroom ™ beta 3-a standalone DVD


Techniques & Discussions

Zoo photography –Issue 1
Briot on Digital Imaging –Issue 1
Briot on Rock Art –Issue 1
4×5 Wildlife photography –Issue 3
Street Photography –Issue 4
Super Telephoto Technique –Issue 4
Butterfly/Macro Photography –Issue 5
Contrast Control:
Graduated Neutral Density Filters –Issue 6
Digital Blending –Issue 6
Street photography equipment:
Rangefinder cameras –Issue 6
Inkjet Printing –Issue 7
Custom Bookbinding –Issue 7
Camera Mounts –Issue 8
Batteries & Storage –Issue 8
Gadgets & Gizmos –Issue 10
Digital Sensor Cleaning –Issue 10
8 MP digicams –Issue 10
“Luminous Landscapes” – 4 Iceland photographs –Issue 11
Seeing – with one eye –Issue 11
Equipment requirements for forest photography –Issue 11
Dye-Transfer Printing with Ctein –Issue 11
Daguerreotypes –Issue 12
Gaper shot or Photograph? –Issue 12
Eliminate Flare –Issue 12
Street Photograph? –Issue 12
Eliminate Flare –Issue 12
Street Photography in China-Issue 14
Colour Management with Bill Atkinson-Issue 15
Matteing & Mounting with Bill Atkinson-Issue 15


Equipment Reviews

Canon EOS D30 –Issue 1
Canon EOS 1D –Issue 3
Canon EOS D60 –Issue 5
Hasselblad Xpan –Issue 5
Canon EOS 1Ds –Issues 6&8
Leica M7 –Issue 6
Kodak 14n –Issue 7
Pentax *istD – Issue 9
Canon EOS Digital Rebel (aka 300D) –Issue 9
Olympus E1 –Issue 9
Kodak DCS ProBack 645 –Issue 9
Canon 400mm f/4 DO Super Telephoto –Issue 3
Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS Zoom –Issue 3
Hartblei Tilt/Shift lens –Issue 11
Wimberley Gimbal Mount –Issue 3
Petzl Zipka –Issue 3
Planetarium: an astronomical almanac –Issue 6
Better Beamer flash extender –Issue 11



Alain Briot –Issue 1
CC Lockwood –Issue 2
Cheryl Opperman –Issue 3
Daniel Bergmann –Issue 5
Oscar Peterson –Issue 7
Norman Koren –Issue 8
Steve Johnson –Issue 10
Ctein –Issue 11
Mike Robinson – daguerreotypist –Issue 12
Kevin Raber – Phase One –Issue 12
Henrik Håkonsson, CEO & Claus Mølgaard, VP R&D – Phase One –Issue 13
Jesper Sandager, , VP Manufacturing – Phase One –Issue 14
Clyde Butcher –Issue 14
Brooks Jensen ofLensWorkIssue 15

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The inaugural Issue

*Death Valley– a look at the photographic opportunities of the Death Valley area

– A Moonrise in Death Valley

– Footprints in Death Valley

– Striations in Death Valley

– Aguereberry Point Sunrise

* Canon EOSD30 Review

*Zoo Photography(with the Canon D30) – How to take compelling photographs within the confines of a zoo

* Interview withAlain Briot
This well-known Arizona-based photographer talks of his successful career as a landscape photographer, his methods and philosophy

*Briot on Digital Imaging– How the advent of digital has allowed Briot to expand his business and explore more deeply the art of photography

*Briot on Rock Art– A look at the photography of mysterious & ancient rock art of the American South-West




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*Grand Canyon– Photography from the South Rim and an aerial overview

*Rafting the Coloradoriver through the Grand Canyon. A photographic trip through some of the world’s most magnificent scenery – quiet side canyons and tumultuous Colorado whitewater

*Mono Lake– a photography shoot in this eerie yet beautiful location with its stark ‘tufas’ and brine-encrusted grasses

*Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest– Michael photographs the oldest living trees in the ‘moonscape’ high in the Sierra mountains

*Camera Movements Tutorial– a detailed look at the benefits of Tilt & Shift lens movements; how they work and why your photographs might benefit from them

*Better Black & White Tutorials– a ‘How To’ of digital B&W, duotones & tritones

* An Interview with wildlife & nature photographerCC Lockwood

* Assignment Competition




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*Bosque del Apache– photographing tens of thousands of snow geese as they take off at dawn and the antics of sandhill cranes in this wildfowl refuge on the Rio Grande, New Mexico

*Dunes & Marshes– finding a subject in your backyard: the quiet beauty of sand dunes and a marsh on the edge of Lake Ontario

*Canon EOS-1D Review

*Canon 400mm f/4 DO Super Telephoto Review

*Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS Zoom Review

*Wimberley Gimbal Mount Review

*Petzl Zipka

* An Interview of wildlife photographerCheryl Opperman

*4 x 5 Wildlife Photography. Alain Briot takes a tongue-in-cheek look at large-format wildlife photography!

* Assignment Competition –CloudscapesFinalists




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*Street Photography.
– a detailed look at documentary and street photography: the technique and equipment

* Dawn photography of the white crystal sand dunes ofWhite Sands National Park

* The magic and mystery ofAntelope Canyon– A trip down this narrow slot canyon – icon of recent U.S south-west photography

* Photographing theNavajo country of Canyon de Chelly& environs

*Super Telephoto TechniqueHow to shoot with a heavy long lens

*Digital Imaging Primer(Part 1 of 2) – how to effectively use digital tools to adjust photographs

* Assignment Competition –RocksFinalists




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* A visit to the U.S. National Parks of Utah featuringArches & Canyonlands
– landscape photography technique: searching for the ‘edge’ of weather, light and location

*Canon EOS-D60 Review

*Butterfly/Macro Photography(with the Canon D60)
– how to photograph the small and the constantly moving! Macro lens and RingFlash technique

*Hasselblad Xpan Review
– a look at this beautifully-made panoramic camera that takes 35mm film to new horizons

*Digital Imaging Primer(Part 2 of 2)
How to use the digital tools available to us to create great prints

* Interview of Icelandic wildife photographer & authorDaniel Bergmann

* Assignment Competition –TreesFinalist




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*Skyline Drive& theBlue Ridge Parkway
– an autumn trip down the 469 miles of America’s most beautiful highway.

*Great Smoky MountainsWorkshop
– find out what it’s like to participate in a photographic workshop. There is much to see and learn, with photographs and friends to be made. All against the beauty of the layered landscape of Blue Ridge country

*Contrast Control: Digital Blending
– how to use a combination of multiple exposures to tame contrast beyond the dynamic range of your camera

*Contrast Control: Graduated Neutral Density Filters
– how to tame contrast with the use of grad filters

*Canon EOS 1DS Review

* Street Photography Equipment –Rangefinder cameras

*Leica M7 Review

*Planetarium– an astronomical almanac for PDAs

* Assignment Competition –WaterFinalists




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*Lake Powell
– Lake Powells canyons, Bryce Canyon & Zion National Parks are explored by a Master Class

*Printer Setup Tutorial
– a tutorial on how to set up your printer properly and manage color using either the built-in color management system or printer profiles

*Inkjet Printing
– a detailed look at the state of the art in inkjet printers

*Oscar Peterson
A conversation with legendary jazz pianist Oscar Peterson who talks of his life-long passion for photography

*Kodak DCS Pro 14n
A report on Kodak’s (now discontinued) 14 megapixel full-frame digital camera

*Custom Bookbinding
Michael visits master bookbinder Don Taylor. They discuss the production of a privately published Monograph

* Assignment Competition –QuietFinalists & Grand Prize winner




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– a one hour look at this magical photographic destination

*Camera Mounts
– Michael discusses and demonstrates tripods, heads, base plates and other accessories

*Batteries & Storage
– some options for the battery and storage requirements of digital cameras when location shooting away from power sources

*Lunar Eclipse
– Michael details the creation of a lunar eclipse photograph. Look over Michael’s shoulder as the full moon rises over Death Valley

*Canon 1Ds
– a critique: Photoshop® author Thomas Knoll, Bill Caulfeild-Browne & Michael offer some practical criticisms of the Canon EOS 1Ds

*Norman Koren
– an in-depth interview with scientist and photographer Norman Koren

* Assignment Competition –A Summers Day– Finalists & Winner




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*Yellowstone & Grand Teton
– an Autumn trip through these two magnificent National Parks. Follow the creation of photographs of Yellowstone’s magnificent landscape and exciting & abundant wildlife

*Pentax *istDReview
– Michael casts a critical eye at the features & flaws of the first DSLR from Pentax. What makes a great DSLR?

*Canon EOS Digital Rebel(aka 300D)
– a review of the budget DSLR from Canon. What do you get? What do you give up?

*Olympus E1
– a close look at this excellent Four Thirds format DSLR and its available lenses. What features do you gain with a reduced-coverage DSLR? Is there a future for DSLRs outside the 35mm format?

*Medium Format Digital Backs
– Michael looks in detail at medium format digital backs – in particular the Kodak DCS ProBack 645

* Assignment Competition –Fall Colour– Finalists & Winner




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*Yellowstone in Winter
– the challenges and rewards of photographing in the extreme cold and snowy conditions of Yellowstone in February.
Witness the stunning beauty that extreme cold brings to the icons of this most famous of America’s National Parks

*Winter Photography technique
– there is great opportunity in Winter. How do you get to the great locations with you and your gear intact? What special equipment do you bring and what precautions might you consider?

*Gadgets & Gizmos
– the non-photographic essentials for your camera bag. Special items that help you get the shot

*Digital Sensor Cleaning
– how to safely get rid of that dirt in your photographs without sending the camera back to the manufacturer

* In-depth interview with digital photographerSteve Johnson
– a close look at the challenges and use of ascanning back camerain landscape work.

*An overview of 8 megapixel digicams
– are there point-and-shoot cameras that the serious photographer should consider?

* Assignment Competition –Cold– Finalists & Winner




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* On Location:Costa Rica
– a wildlife photography workshop in this beautiful Central American country looks at both Pacific & Caribbean coasts and the cloud forest of Monteverde.
– includes Techniques segments onSeeingand on the equipment necessary forPhotography in the Forest.

* Technique:Luminous Landscapes
– a new feature on the shooting and Digital Darkroom techniques used in specific photographs.
In this issue, Michael looks closely at the making of four prints fromIceland.

* Interview:Ctein
– master printer & photographer Ctein discusses with Michael the history and current state of photographic printing.
Ctein gives a clear roadmap of the benefits & pitfalls of current printing technologies.

* Technique:Dye-Transfer Printing
– a 45 minute feature shot in Ctein’s darkroom showing the complete process of making the photographic world’s most beautiful colour prints.

* Equipment Reviews
TheHartblei T/S lens
TheBetter Beamer

* Assignment Competition –Geometry– Finalists & Winner




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* On Location:The Rocky Mountains
– seven National Parks in seven days!
– an intensive photographic trip through the Canadian Rockies and Glacier N.P. in Montana featuring Autumn colour and wildlife.

* On Location: TheShip-Breaking Yards at Chittagong in Bangladesh
– a look at this incredible phtographic location where giant ships are demolished by hand for scrap metal.

* Technique:Digital Workflow– (Part1 of 2)
– the first of a two-part tutorial on digital photography workflow from the camera to the printer.
– the techniques of RAW conversion with Camera Raw within Photoshop®.
– also a close look at White Balance.
– Card Readers.
– File Copying.
– Directory Naming & Indexing.
– Screen Calibration
(Digital Workflow 2in LLVJ 13 coversCapture 1 Pro& the complete workflow within Photoshop after RAW conversion)

*Technique: Gaper or photograph?
– is your photograph a gaper shot, a postcard or a photograph? Learn the difference.

* Interview:Mike Robinson – Modern Daguerreotypist
– a look at the portraits and views of this expert on historical photographic processes.
– learn how a Daguerreotype is prepared, exposed and processed.

* Interview:Kevin RaberV-P Sales & Marketing for N. America,Phase One
– a discussion on the state-of-the-art in digital Medium Format backs and the future of MF.

* Technique:Eliminate Flare!– killer of image quality

* Assignment Competition –Contrasts– Finalists & Winner



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* On Location:Africa – A Photo Safari in Tanzania
– a workshop with Michael & Andy Biggs visits the Ngorongoro Crater, a Masai village, and the Serengeti Plains.
– they photograph the rich wildlife, African landscapes and the colourful Masai.
– a dawn balloon ride takes them over the great migrating herds of wildebeest & zebra.

* Technique:Digital Workflow 2– (Part2 of 2)
– the second of a two-part tutorial on digital photography workflow from the camera to the printer.
– a close look atCapture 1 Pro& the complete workflow within Photoshop ® after RAW conversion.
– Cropping
– Local Contrast Enhancement
– capture, creative and output Sharpening
– directory/folder & file Naming Strategy
– Dust Removal
– B&W conversion
– Noise Reduction

*Luminous Landscapes
– a print critique of the photographs of workshop participantNorris MacPhadyen

* Interviews:A Visit toPhase One.
– Michael talks withHenrik Håkonsson, CEO &Claus Mølgaard, VP R&D –Phase One.
– they talk about the future of digital Medium Format and some of the technical challenges of building a high-end digital back




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*Interview & Feature: Clyde Butcher – ‘Ansel Adams of the Everglades’
– Michael interviews Clyde in his Everglades gallery
– They shoot together – ‘mucking about’ in Clyde’s backyard swamp
– Michael visits Clyde’s Venice, Florida darkroom where they make a large black and white print
– Watch Clyde’s unique way of using Photoshop as a ‘traditional’ tool

*Street & Documentary shooting in China
– Michael talks about the techniques of ‘street shooting’
– features photographs and footage from Shanghai and a remote village on the Li River

*Luminous Landscapes: A print critique of the photographs of workshop participantAndrezj Taramina.
– features Andrezj’s compelling wildlife portraits.

* Interview:A Visit to Phase One – Part 2.
– Michael talks withJesper Sandager, VP Manufacturing –Phase One.
– A walk through the assembly and testing processes ofPhase’shigh-end digital backs.
– features a wide-ranging discussion on the technology of digital imaging chips.





Click herefor sample video clips

– Join Michael aand workshop participants on a photographic adventure in this photographically rich country
– Visit the congested capital Dhaka and the colourful ferry terminal at Sadarghat
– Travel past ‘biblical’ scenes down river to the Sunderban, home of the Bengal tiger and ‘mowglis’ – the mysterious honey-gatherers who risk all in the muddy forest
– Experience the amazing warmth and welcome of Bangladesh’s people

*Bill Atkinson on Colour Management
– an in-depth discussion and illustration of colour management and profiling
– Profiles explained
– Profile creating Devices
– Colour gamut & colour spaces
– Render intent
– Conclusions: ‘What should I do?’
– Real world Results

*Matte Cutting & Print Mounting
Bill Atkinson demonstrates his quick and accurate method of cutting attractive double mattes and shows how he mounts and packages his gallery prints

* Interview:Brooks Jensen
– Michael interviews the creator and co-publisher ofLensWork, the fine bi-monthly magazine on the art of Photography


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