What’s In Michaels Bag

Whenever someone asks me what camera I’m working with I always have to stop and think. Not that I’m becoming senile and can’t remember, it’s just that I receive so many cameras for testing that I seem to always have something new in my bag. Such is the pain of being a professional reviewer. :-)

I do though currently own two camera systems which I use when I am not in the processing of testing something new that’s on loan for review. If you’ve visited this page previously you’ll note that much of the gear which I’ve had for several years has been sold, and that I also now have a much smaller arsenal. 


Pentax 645z

I confess to two weaknesses. (Actually, more than two, but I’m only discussing cameras at the moment). One is the large high-resolution sensors found in medium format cameras, and the other is cameras that have excellent ergonomics and controls.

ThePentax 645zis, as of late 2014, the camera with the highest resolution and best high ISO capability, along with lowest price of any medium format system. 2015 promises to bring some major spoilers to the camera industry, but I think it’ll be a while until anything trumps the Pentax.

Sony A7r

Sony have turned the camera industry on its head over the past several years. A broad range of exciting cameras in several categories and some game changers, such as the A7 and A7r are causing the competition some sleepless nights.

At 36 Megapixels, without an AA filter, and the size of a Micro Four Thirds camera, theSony A7ris not the most user friendly camera, but it sure satisfies when it comes to image quality and resolution. Coupled with some top Sony/Zeiss lenses, this is a formidable camera system.

October, 2013