What We See

 An essay by Charles S. Johnson, Jr. Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.  – Albert Einstein I don’t mean that the real

Camera & Technology

Processing Ice and Snow

Editing Ice and Snow with and NIK Detail Extractor, Auto Curves and Apply Image There is a technique that I frequently use when I am

PSB files and Lightroom – A Workaround (Rediscover)

(Editors note: While Adobe has updated and some of these workarounds are rendered obsolete, many still use older versions and the approach here is still

Camera & Technology

Understanding Lens Diffraction (Rediscover)

This article was written by Michael Reichmann and originally published Jan 13 2009   This is not a comprehensive treatise on the subject of lens

Camera & Technology

Rediscover – Understanding Mirror Lock-Up

Understanding Mirror Lock-Up Techniques for Reducing Vibration The greatest enemy of image sharpness is vibration. One of the best ways of beating vibration is through

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