Camera & Technology

Focus Stacking on a Budget—A Review of The WeMacro Focus Stacking Rail

Focus stacking is a technique to overcome the inherently shallow depth of field in macro/microphotography. In a nutshell, you focus on the nearest part of

Camera & Technology

The fastest iPads ever, but the new iMac leaves a huge question mark..

Apple just released a new 24-inch iMac, plus 12.9 inch and 11 inch iPad Pros. The fascinating fact about them is that, in many more

Camera & Technology

Printing Part V – ImagePrint

One of the most valuable changes to my printing workflow in the past few years is that I now run all my printing through ImagePrint

Camera & Technology

Printing Part IV – Software Part 1 – raw converters and editors.

For years, photographers have relied on Adobe’s Lightroom (now called Lightroom Classic) for their entire image-processing pipeline – from initially downloading images from the camera


(Rediscover) Make it Long

A Preference for Long Lenses On a regular basis, a newbie will ask on one of the forums…”What wide angle lens should I get for landscapes“? Since

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