Photographer Profiles

Dancing Beyond The Light : The new work of Sam Choisy

Sam Choisy is a personal friend and an artist The Luminous Landscape profiled last year. Sam is a French transplant to Canada who carries a

Landscape & Environment

Dancing With Light: The Photographic Art Of Sam Choisy

When I finally get to work, the process is a dance: the beats of the strobe-light act like a metronome; the constant back and forth

Photographer Profiles

Believing Is Seeing – Insight, Meditation and Photography Part 1

  Accompanying photographs are mine. The intention is to share some of my work which is conjured with the approach and spirit outlined in this

The back end of a garbage truck, exiting one alley, heading into the next


The City of Bellingham, in Washington State, where I live, is a city of alleys. More precisely, the part of Bellingham that was built before

Rules, Disciplines and Other Talk

A Casual Conversation About Photography And Other Things Many of you may know Ted Forbes from the "Art Of Photography" YouTube Channel. He and I met

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