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24 July, 2014 - Hiking For Photographers


Want to be a better landscape photographer? Get out there and find the images. In this new article by Skip Spitzer, this experienced hiker explains how photographers can make the most of the hiking experience.

Available Photographic Workshops

We have a number of new workshops on offer, and a very few places in some exciting upcoming ones. Visit our Workshop page to find out more.

18 July, 2014 - Out On The Streets with a Leica M8

There are as many stories as there are photographers... gear we've bought, and how it's changed the way we see and work. This is one photographer's story.

Don't forget to check out our schedule of workshops for the rest of 2014 and into 2015. There are even a few spots left on our Antarctic workshops!!

14 July, 2014 - Portrait of an Emerging Photographer

I (Kevin) have thousands of friends on Facebook.  I know a few hundred.  These friends are mostly fellow photographers who share their passion and recent images.  I have always enjoyed sharing my images and getting feedback.  A few years ago I took notice of a certain photographer Valerie Millett on Facebook.  She seems a natural when it came to landscape photography and over the years I watched her images mature and take a beautiful form using color, light and excellent composition.  I asked Valerie to tell us her story and we share that today. Portrait Of An Emerging Photographer.  It’s wonderful to see in our adventures and workshops how many women are enjoying and making incredible landscape images.  We have previously published Eleanor Brown's work and Jackie Ranken's.

13 July, 2014 - LuLa Team Is On The Move


The LuLa team is on the move. As you read this Kevin Raber is already in Svalbard, Norway  to lead two back to back photography workshops on the M/S Malmo.  Svalbard is just about as far north as any land mass can be.  From there the group will explore the area and head into the ice pack looking for Polar Bear, Reindeer, and Walrus.  In addition they will visit some beautiful landscapes and giant glaciers.  A full report will follow after the trips.  Don't forget you can be part of adverntures like this.  Join us in 2015 for our Fly Over The Drake - Antarctica Workshops (spaces available on both trips)

Kevin will be testing a NEW 150-600 Tamron zoom lens and the Sigma dp2 Quattro. The Quattro is a most unusual camera and we will have a full report in August on this camera by Kevin and Michael.

Michael is headed south to Mexico for a couple of weeks and will be publishing articles on a regular basis from there.  He will also be finishing a big project he has been working on (the biggest in 15 years) and you can expect to hear more about it in a few weeks.

We have also been very busy working on a number of new video tutorials and we’ll have more news on those in August.  

And, before much longer we’ll be off to Photokina and be reporting on the all the news directly from Germany.

10 July, 2014 - Kimberley Video Now FREE


The Kimberley video is now being offered FREE.  Please enjoy the video and the Kimberley Adventure.  Usually these videos are part of our video subscriber content or are offered for sale.  However, we would like to share this video with you and encourage you to consider joining us for our 2015 Kimberley Trip.  If you register prior to July 16th at 11PM (eastern US time) you will receive a $1000.00 USD off the registration fee.


5 July, 2014 - Pentax 645Z First Impressions

There has been a lot of chatter lately about the Sony 50mp CMOS chip and the cameras it has been put in.  Phase One and Hassleblad have both announced 50mp versions of their backs in the last few months.  Pentax announced theirs too and just last week started to ship the Pentax 645Z.  We we managed to get our hands one and Michael with Nick Devlin take this new camera through its paces.  Is it all the camera everyone was hoping for?  Now you can find out by reading Pentax 645Z First Impressions Review

2 July, 2014 - Panasonic FZ1000 Review

The latest so-called Bridge camera from Panasonic is the FZ1000. It features a 20MP  1" sensor, 4K video and a 25-400mm f/2.8-f/4 lens. By choosing to make the Panasonic FZ1000 about the same size as a chunky entry-level DSLR, Panasonic has found a combination that will likely meet the needs of a great many photographers, including some who might not have considered a camera in this category before.

The June winner in our 2015 Antarctica Expedition Contest is David Rosenthal, of Palo Alto, CA. Congratulations David.

David is now a finalist in the contest and also wins a free lifetime subscription to all LuLa videos.

You can also enter the contest. Every purchase at our online store is an entry, and each annual subscription is equal to six entries.

The grand prize is an all-expenses paid Antarctic Expedition worth $15,000. This is the last month to make an entry that makes you eligable for this prize. Find out more.

29, June 2014 - Kimberley Australia Video


A photo adventure trip to the Kimberley region of Western Australia with instructors Michael Reichmann & Kevin Raber accompanied by Art Wolfe and Christian Fletcher. From Broome, WA they set sail on the yacht 'True North' to explore the wild and remote coastline of the Kimberley area up to Wyndham.

Join them as they explore the incredible Montgomery Reef by boat and helicopter. Visit numerous locations to photograph aboriginal rock art and petroglyphs. They visit multiple waterfalls and helicopter onto the top of Eagle and King George Falls - truly 'the trip of a lifetime'.

This 31 minute video is available at the Luminous-Landscape Video Store for $10.00 USD.  If you purchase the video and decide to be part of the 2015 Kimberley Adventure we will apply a credit of a $100.00 USD to the cost of the workshop.

To make it even better as part of the 4th Of July Holiday week, Luminous-Landscape will give a credit of $1000.00 USD off the Kimberley Workshop Cruise next April if you register by midnight July 7th (Eastern US Time). 

If you are subscriber and the video is not visible on your shelf then please follow the steps below.
1. Go to:\
2. Check to see if the course is listed on the page
3. If the course is listed, click "Add to devices" on the course, and
then refresh the desktop player.

26, June 2014 - Acadia National Park - A Quick Guide To Photography


It’s summer time and a lot of you will be heading out to America’s National Parks to capture their beauty and to enjoy the great outdoors.  I was in Yosemite NP last week working on a NEW LuLA tutorial.  It’s one of the grandest National Parks of them all. I’m still working on images and will post some on the home page soon.  Today’s article is by QT Luong.  He is known for being the first person to photograph all 59 US National Parks in Large Format.  He has come on board as a regular contributor and we will be regularly publishing his articles on his National Park Photography guides.  we’ll start with the ‘A’s and today’s article is  Acadia National Park - A Quick Guide To Photography.

23, June 2014 - Landscape Aerial Photography Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have been making a lot of headlines lately within the photography community.  These remotely controlled aircraft have enabled photographers a new way to gain new perspectives on a scene.  They have also caused a lot of controversy in regards to safety and privacy.  Stephen Wheatcraft’s article Landscape Aerial Photography Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles introduces you to this new method of making images. 

Last week Kevin Raber and Chris Sanderson spent the week on the road working on a new video tutorial with William Neill in Yosemite and Mono Lake areas.  More on this new video in the near future.

17 June, 2014 - Sony A7s Tests With Lower DR than A7r

Who do you trust? I trust my eyes. And so when I tested the Sony A7s the other day and found that I couldn't see any dynamic range advantage over the A7r, that's what I wrote. But, I was chastised by many because Sony claimed 15 stops of DR. Why the hell couldn't Michael see it?

Now, two days later, DxO Labs has published their sensor test results for the A7s and indeed the A7s ranks almost a stop lower than the A7r. One may debate whether or not DxO and Sony use the same measurement criteria, but there's no way to quibble about the fact that DxO has hundreds of self-consistent lab tests spanning years, regardless of the absolute numbers. I guess the eyes have it.

15 June, 2014 - Sony A7s First Impressions Review

What happens when you put a 12 Megapixel sensor inside the world's smallest full-frame 35mm camera body? You end up with Sony's new A7s camera. It offers incredible high ISO capability, and 4K video. This report, by Michael Reichmann, is one of the first reviews of a production-level A7s to appear anywhere in the world.

14 June, 2014 - Symphony In Stone


Landscape photography is something that for many of soothes the soul.  It’s our passion.  Sometimes we like shooting the large sky vistas and sometimes it is the forrest and for others it is a shoreline.  Nigel Turner turns his camera to the stone.  In his essay Symphony In Stone, Nigel shares what it takes to get his beautiful images.

Luminous Landscape’s Publisher and CEO Kevin Raber was recently interviewed on Rick Sammon’s Digital Photo Experience Podcast.  Kevin’s interview starts at the 29:07 mark. Learn about Kevin’s photography and Luminous-Landscape. Direct LINK to the MP3.

11 June, 2014 - Sony RX100 MKIII Hands On Review

Sony has just started shipping its third-generation RX100, the Mark III. This pocket sized camera builds on the strengths of its two predecessors with a unique pop-up OLED EVF, a more articulated rear LCD, a faster and wider lens, and an enhanced video codec.

After two weeks of working with the RX100 MKIII Michael Reichmann's hands-on report is now available.

8 June, 2014 - Canon 8-15mm Fisheye Lens


Michael and I (Kevin) have spent the last few days photographing together in Buffalo, NY.  We met up with Mark Maio and a workshop he was holding photographing Silo City.  This is a huge complex of abandoned Grain Silos that at the beginning of the 20th century played a huge part of distributing grain from the Midwest to other areas around the country.  Needless to say it was a great time shooting old, huge, abandoned and decaying buildings.  We got our fill of urban decay landscapes, with a number of good keepers.  You’ll see these on the home page in coming weeks from both Michael and me. 

Michael and I will be working together over the next few days along with Chris on a number of different and exciting projects for LuLa, Rockhopper and the Endowment.  We’re very excited about everything we are working on.

Alain Briot’s monthly article is featured today The Canon EF 8-15, f1.4 USM Fisheye Lens.  Not only is it a review of this lens but also how the lens plays a big part in Alain’s photography.


1 June, 2014 - Leica 24/1.4 M Summilux ASPH, Part Of The Special


It’s a crazy time in the camera industry.  Here we are in a Photokina year and major announcements are being made every week.  One has to wonder what the camera makers are holding back to show at Photokina.  Well, Leica a few days ago decided to make a special announcement to celebrate their “100 Years of Leica Photography” with the “Leica M Edition 100”.  Sean Reid a regular contributor on Luminous-Landscape gives us a peek at this “Limited Edition 100”.  Some might say when you read about this special kit, that Leica has lost its way, but so far that hasn’t been the case.  Sean’s take on the NEW 28mm 1.4 lens is of special interest.  What does he think?  Read on to find out.


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