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23 January, 2015 - Antarctica and Svalbard


We are very busy prepping for our two back to back Antarctica workshops.  Michael and I are flying to Santiago on Saturday the 23rd and we will not be returning until the 12th of February.  This will be an exciting two trips.  We have two fantastic groups and I am sure as we have found on every trip we have made to Antarctica it will be special.  This will especially be true for myself as I will be getting married on the first trip. We’ll have full details and pictures when we return.

Today we announce the northern polar region workshop we will be doing this summer.  Svalbard 2015 - Land Of The Polar Bear.  Taking place August 30th - September 8th. This workshop will have Michael and me as leaders and instructors.  This is a small intimate 11 person workshop and it will be quite special.  This past year we did two back to back workshops in Svalbard and both trips were amazing.  You can read about this past years trip HERE.   Check it out and book your spot today.

We will post an article if the internet holds up from Santiago at the beginning of next week.  Chris who will be manning the shop while we are gone will also post a few articles in our absence.  And, when we return we will dive right into the launch of the new LuLa website on February 14th.

21 January, 2015 - Time For A Change


It’s been a long time coming.  Like a reliable car that continues to get you where you need to go Luminous-Landscape has been there and going for quite sometime. During the last few years though things have been changing with internet content delivery and the old reliable LuLa was just keeping up.  We have been working very hard for a while now and today we want to share a preview of the NEW Luminous-Landscape.   

Our latest article Time For A Change will walk you through the new look of the site and what to expect in a few weeks when we launch.  This is an exciting time for us and you as the reader.  Everything we have done is to make the experience you have more enjoyable and to deliver more content your way.  Get a preview of the article and come back on February 14, 2015 when the new Luminous-Landscape makes its debut.

17 January, 2015 - Gimbal / Monopod Use With Long Lenses



The Luminous-Landscape team is about to embark on two back to back Antarctica Photo Adventures.  Micahel and Kevin are working out the logistics for getting their gear to Antarctica as well as what gear to bring.  Today Michael shares with us his new set up for handling his NEW 150-600mmm Tamron lens while on the trip.  Gimbal / Monopod Use With Long Lenses is Michael’s answer.  His article also has a video showing how this set up is used.

14 January, 2015 - Reaching Your Goals In 2015



It’s a new year and many people start a new year with resolutions.  Things they want to change or accomplish, but by the end of January most of those are forgotten or given up on.  Alain Briot a regular contributor here on Luminous-Landscape shares with us some step by step suggestions to achieve our goals in 2015 and keep them alive in his essay Reaching Your Goals In 2015.

11 January, 2015 - Hawaii - The Big Island



Michael goes on vacation, but is it really a vacation?  No, not with Michael.  Over the holidays Michael traveled to Hawaii for a vacation but like the rest of us he went loaded with numerous cameras and was looking for an adventure.  Seems he found one.  Enjoy Michael Reichmann’s article on his vacation (adventure) as he chases the light in Hawaii - The Big Island

9 January, 2015 - Practical Considerations For Time-Lapse Photography


Time-Lapse Photography is becoming a new interest of many photographers.  With almost every new consumer and pro camera introduced these days there is a time-lapse feature built in.  Even the newer smartphones have time-lapse as a setting.  I remember as a kid in school watching the time-lapse images of a flower growing from a seed or clouds moving across the sky in weather time-lapse movies. 

We are seeing time-lapse videos appear more and more often on You-Tube.  Some of these are quite spectacular and offer a new ways of seeing familiar scenes.  One of the pioneers and experts in this type of photography is German photographer Anna Possberg.  We are happy to publish her very detailed and extensive look into Practical Considerations For Time-Lapse Photography.  Take some time and enjoy this article and view some of the videos in the links.  Then grab your camera and go out and give it a try.

4 January, 2015 - Working With The Fuji 50-140mm Zoom Lens


Right before the Holiday we published an article about the Fuji X-T1 and promised in that article a follow on article to the NEW Fuji 50-140mm 2.8 Zoom Lens.  We have had a lot of fun with this lens and we are really liking the results.  Fuji has once again made a very god lens adding to their already nice line of lenses. Take a look at the article Working With The Fuji 40-150mm Lens.

1 January, 2015 - Happy New Year


It’s been quite a year at Luminous-Landscape. However, 2015 will be even better.  Check out our Happy New Year Welcome To 2015 article.  We want to thank all our readers for supporting us and we hope you like what we have planned for the coming year.

28 December, 2014 - Fraser Island Australia - Anatomy Of A National Geographic Assignment



Growing up I had two magazines that I always looked forward to receiving in the mail and they were Life Magazine and National Geographic.  I always wanted to photograph for these magazines and travel the world.  Well, I have traveled the world but never had a chance to shoot for these magazines.  Today’s article is by Peter Essick and he has lived the dream.  He has done a number of assignments for National Geographic and shares one of those with us in his Fraser Island Australia - Anatomy Of A National Geographic Assignment story.  Peter shares what it is like to pitch an assignment and what it takes to shoot one.  Plus, he takes pretty darn nice images.

24 December, 2014 - Living With The Fuji X-T1


The Fuji X-T1 a camera that has received all sort of good press and seen remarkable sales.  The camera has helped define where the mirrorless market is going.  For your Holiday reading we are pleased to publish an in depth look at the Fuji X-T1 Living With The Fuji X-T1

Don’t forget we also have a detailed video tutorial on the Fuji X-T1 available on our Video Store.

Have a great Holiday!!!

23 December, 2014 - Happy Holidays From Luminous-Landscape


Happy Holidays

It's been a fun year at Luminous-Landscape.  The team has expanded with the addition of Kevin and a lot has been accomplished.  All of us at LuLa want to say Thank You for continuing to visit our site.  We also want to extend the best wishes for a Happy Holiday Season.  We hope you find time for family, friends and a bit of relaxation over the coming days.  Of course for many of us that will be taking photographs and enjoying some time at the computer working on images.  No matter how you spend your Holiday, enjoy it.

Luminous-Landscape is working hard on a number of projects for 2015 and we will be sharing these soon.  We are very excited about the direction we are headed and we're sure you'll share in that excitement.  Stay tuned.

From . . . Michael Reichmann, Chris Sanderson and Kevin Raber . . . . Enjoy!

23 December, 2014 - Give LuLa Video Subsc at 33% Off

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22 December, 2014 - Four Seasons In France

We take a bit of a different twist today with an essay by Aaron Greenman, Four Season In France.  Aaron’s essay covers a bit of history, some insight into an old film called Autochrome and accompanying images he made using the look of Autochrome.  It’s an interesting read and a look at some interesting modern day images using the Autochrome effect.

20 December, 2014 - The Granting Process


In the last 15 years, I have had the privilege to meet and get know as well as make good friends with some of the finest photographers in the world.  Michael Reichmann is one of those photographers, and it has been a privilege to be able to travel to many of the different corners of the world with him. More than anything else he became one of my best and finest friends.  When I made the decision to joining Luminous-Landscape, I did so because we shared a common passion and a great desire to share that passion with others around the world.  Of course, the passion is photography and as the founder of the site Michael has shared his passion freely for fifteen plus years.  

Late last year Michael shared with me his latest passion, and as we headed into 2014, he began to work on the Luminous-Endowment.  His dream was to create an organization that could award grants to photographers so they could pursue and complete photographic projects that may not have been able to do without a form of assistance.  The Luminous-Endowment was born, and in less that a year the organization has raised a nice amount of money and made it’s first round of grants. Please stop over to the Luminous-Endowment site and learn more about what we do and also think about purchasing at our special Christmas price Michael’s Retrospective book.  All proceeds for the book go into the Luminous endowment.

Alain Briot one of the finest instructors I have met and a regular contributor on Luminous-Landscape is one of the jurors for the Endowment.  You can learn about the jurors on the Endowment site.  Today Alain shares with us his insight into The Granting Process and how a photographer who may interested in obtaining a grant can prepare better and submit a grant application that will give them an edge.  At the same time, it gives those of us who won’t be requesting a grant somethings to think about as we go about creating our regular work and projects.

16 December, 2014 - Photograph America Newsletter


For the last 15 years, I have been purchasing and using the Photograph America Newsletter published by Robert Hitchman.  I got turned onto this publication when I visited Big Bend National Park with some fellow photographers.  His guide was a tremendous help getting us to the best spots.  Every time I took a trip to a National Park or other popular photographic location I would check the big binder of newsletters from Robert. Now all his newsletters are available and fit on a jump drive.

The opportunity presented itself a few months ago to visit with Robert and along with Chris I did a short interview of the man behind the Photograph America Newsletter.  This short video is now available to view and download for $10 USD.  I know $10.00, but you receive 2 PDFs with the download plus, there is also an included PDF giving details of a 25% discount on your first purchase of the Newsletter or the whole collection - printed or electronic.  Check out the details and links to this offer at Photograph America Newsletter.

My good friend and mate Ken Duncan, from Australia, sent me a link to his Christmas Message yesterday.  Ken has an amazing landscape photography business and is one of the nicest guys I know. I’d like to share a link to this video as it contains some of Ken’s amazing landscape photography put to a classic Christmas song.  Enjoy!

15 December, 2014 - Camera Equipment Of The Year 2014


It’s been an interesting year photography wise with some groundbreaking new products.  The trend is towards mirrorless and the stand out products this year fell into the mirrorless category.  As always Luminous-Landscape has its eye on the hot gear.  Today Michael Reichmann and Kevin Raber share their Camera Equipment Of The Year report.  Read what they thought was hot and not as well as disappointments and predictions for the coming year.

We have an opening on the second Antarctica Trip in January.  If you are interested in this trip and a special offer please contact Kevin Raber for details.

12 December, 2014 - Special Antarctica Offer and An Article About Color and Human Vision Anomalies

A few years ago I was traveling with LuLa’s good friend Bill Atkinson.  Over dinner one night we got into a conversation on color and how the human eye and mind see color.  It was quite fascinating not to mention mind boggling.  Bill is one of the industries experts on color. Over the years, we have published stories about Color and Human Vision.  The way the eye sees color is quite fascinating. Today Charles Johnson Sr. shares his article on Observing and Managing Color: Dealing With Human Vision Anomalies.   An interesting read on understanding how we see color especially when working photographically.

A Special Message from Michael Reichmann


The Luminous Landscape, together with John and Roxie Walker of Switzerland, have created an opportunity for one or two people to join our January 26th, 2015 photographic expedition to Antarctica (there are two berths available).  The Walkers were early registrants for this extraordinary odyssey, unfortunately for personal reasons they will now not be able to fulfill this dream opportunity.  However, in the spirit of the season and with a deep desire to advance the art and craft of photography, we are pleased to offer the following unique opportunity:

Rather than simply resell their two berths,  Kevin, the Walkers and I have found a "silver lining" in this unfortunate turn of events and, as a result, we are pleased to make these two berths available as a thank-you gift for a meaningful donation to The Luminous Endowment for Photographers.



9 December, 2014 - Sony A7 MKII Hands-On Report

Some companies (you know who I mean) are slow, stodgy, conservative and cautious. None of these adjectives can be applied to Sony. They are impetious, aggressive, innovative and overall risk takers. If they screw up, as they sometimes do, they simply brush themselves off and forge ahead. With the recently introduced Sony A7 MKII we see a continuing evolution of what was once the NEX brand and is now just Sony's Alpha brand using the new full frame FE mount. 

I have had a week to work with the new MKII. With its redesigned body, in-body stabilization and superior autofocus this is the best 7 series camera yet, and one of the most interesting new cameras of 2014. I already have one on order.

Read my report here.

7 December, 2014 - The Olympus 40-150mm Lens


It’s a photographers market right now.  Tough decisions must be made as to what gear to purchase.  There is no question the mirrorless revolution is well under way.  We recently reviewed the new Samsung NX1 with some very impressive specs.  The Olympus OMD and Fuji systems have been growing very fast and let’s not forget Sony with the amazing a7 system.  Sony took another step forward this last week and announced the Sony a7 II with some amazing features.  We are now testing a version and we should have a report very soon. So, if you join the mirrorless movement which system do you go with?  They are all good and offer amazing performance. We’ll be visiting a number more of the mirrorless options over the next few weeks. Hopefully we can help you make the choice bestt for you.

So, continuing with our focus on the mirrorless systems we post Kevin Raber’s look at the new Olympus 40-150mm Pro zoom lens. This new lens is the second of four announced Pro Lenses by Olympus, that are on the road map to be shipped.  This lens is a good example of what smart engineering is all about and is quite a performer.  Read more HERE.

2 December, 2014 - Another Two Barytas in the Neighbourhood


There hasn’t been a lot of activity in new printers lately, but there has been a number of new ink jet paper introductions.  We are looking at and testing a number of different and interesting papers.  Today, Mark Segal looks at two new papers from Hahnemuhle and Moab.  Another Two Barytas in the Neighbourhood takes a look at these two papers and how they can fit into your printing workflow.

If you haven’t seen it you should check out the amazing special B&H is offering on A Hasselblad Stellar Special Edition Digital Camera.  An instant savings of $2,300 USD now reduced to $999.00.  Guess they didn’t sell quite as well as expected.  

 The OnLandscape Conference was held this past weekend.  I had the chance to tune in and watch the lectures from a few of my favorite speakers, Joe Cornish being one of them.  Joe just did a workshop with me in Scotland and will be joining us for our Antarctica Trips in January.  All presentations at the conference are now available with a special LuLa Discount of 25% just use the code LL25 at check out.  If you have some time to watch these they are pretty interesting. Check out the Videos Available.

30 November, 2014 - Uniqball, A Unique Approach To Leveling


We have been trying some pretty cool new gear out over the last few weeks.  Michael has already shared his First Impressions of the Samsung NX1.  A lot of the products we are now working with and will report on soon were announced at Photokina.  One of these products was a new style ball head.  Just when you didn’t think you could improve on a ball head concept any further we see a new player from Hungary introduce a new style ball head.  Today, Nick Devlin gives us a look at the Uniqball, A Unique Approach To Leveling.  This ball head is available at B&H Photo.  I ordered one.

We also have a new advertiser on board as of today, DXO.  DXO has three very cool applications for working on images.  Check them out!

We have a single cabin on our first Antarctica Trip in January available as well as 2 berths on our second trip.  It’s not too late to be part of an amazing adventure to one of the most beautiful places on earth.  Check It Out!

Also until the end of tomorrow (Monday) you can get 25% off of our entire Video Catalog.  Ends at 11:59 December 1st.

27 November, 2014 - 25% Off entire Video Catalog

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