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January 13, 2009 ·

Michael Reichmann

Image Gallery— An overview of the Gallery

Michael Reichmann— A brief biography

People in The Landscape— Landscape with a human element

Rural Ontario and Elsewhere Nearby— Landscape photographs in a local setting, including Northeastern North America

Fall Colour— Photographs of fall foliage taken in Ontario and elsewhere

Rural Ontario 1999—  Additional photographs taken during 1999 from my home province and Quebec

Rural Ontario 2000 ‚ Further photographs from Ontario and Quebec taken during 2000

Rural Ontario‚ Spring 2000 ‚ More images taken locally

Rural Ontario‚ Summer 2000 ‚ More images taken in my home province

2000 Sunsets ‚ A personal project photographing sunsets from the deck of my summer cottage

Four Mornings ‚ Late August produced four perfect mornings for sunrise photography

Rural Ontario‚ Summer 2001 ‚ Photographs from the Lake Muskoka region

The Southwest— A gallery of photographs with links to articles and galleries throughout this site

Antelope Canyon ‚ One of the photographic icons of the Southwest

Canyonlands & Arches National Parks ‚ a new Portfolio of photographs taken in early 2000. Also seeArches 

Utah Panoramics ‚ Wide aspect ratio images taken with the Hasselblad XPan in Arches and Canyonlands

Monument Valley 2000 ‚ Images from my Landscape Workshop in April, 2000. Also seeMonument Valley

Members Images ‚ Photographs taken by members of the Spring 2000 Monument Valley Workshop

Steve Chan ‚ A workshop members portfolio

Lee Carney ‚ A workshop members portfolio and commentary

Tom Simms ‚ A workshop members portfolio

Ed Carmick ‚ A workshop members portfolio

Chi Cheung ‚ A workshop members portfolio

Steve Kossack’s Portfolio ‚ Co-instructor Steve Kossack’s images from the workshop

Additional Monument Valley Images ‚ More photographs from Monument Valley Arizona

Grand Canyon River Rafting ‚ A photographic portfolio from a great adventure

The Trip ‚ Commentary, photographic advice and snapshots from rafting the Colorado River

Cliffs and Canyons 




Along the Way

On Second Thought ‚ A couple more images from the Grand Canyon 

Lake Tahoe‚ Winter ‚ A winter ski shoot in the Sierra and how to do it

Great Smoky National Park Fall Colour Workshop ‚ My Fall 2001 field workshop

David Graham.Steve Kossack.Jeffrey Behr

The Eastern Sierra— Six of America’s great photographic locations, all within a few hundred miles of each other 

Route 168— One of the best fall colour location in the Eastern Sierra

The June Lake Loop— A favourite Sierra fall colour location

Mono Lake— The world-famous site at sunrise and sunset

The Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest— An alien landscape and some of the world’s oldest living things

Death Valley— A second view of this famous location. (Also see thisDeath Valleytravel article).

Yosemite National Park— What can one say. Possibly the world’s most beautiful valley

The California Coastline— From San Francisco Bay to Mendocino

Nature & Wildlife— Environmental wildlife photography

Additional Nature Images ‚ Further photographs of nature subjects 

The Salton Sea ‚ A unique location for bird photography in Southern California

Captive Wildlife ‚ Portraits from the zoo, and how to do them well

Winter In Yellowstone ‚ a travel report and portfolio includingWinter WildlifeandWinter Landscapes

The Urban Landscape— The landscape of the city

Monochrome— Black & White photographs

Abstracts & Whimsy— Photographs that defy classification

Digital Manipulations— Images that have been altered in the digital darkroom

Personal Best‚ 2001andWildlife‚ A Portfoliofeature a look back at my personal favourites of 2001

Travel Articles— A listing of the various travel articles in the section

F/8 & Be There ‚ A link to Steve Kossack who provides 1-on-1 photographic guide services in the US Southwest

Arches & Canyonlands National Parks— Breathtaking in their variety. Also seeCanyonlands

Monument Valley— Not a National Park but one of the great photo locations of the U.S. Southwest

Canyon de Chelly ‚ A National Monument with unique access possibilities

Zion National Park— A visit to the Garden of Eden.

Death Valley— Exploring one of the most inhospitable locations in the Southwest. (Also see thisDeath Valleyportfolio).

Joshua Tree National Park— Discovering one of the least known National Parks

Joshua Tree‚ A Second Portfolio ‚ A return visit produces some strong graphical images

Bryce Canyon National Park— (under development)

Appalachia— A major travel guide and Fall portfolio from Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the surrounding areas

The Mountains of Northern Georgia

Brasstown Bald— The highest mountain in Georgia

Great Smoky National Park

Clingmans Dome— The highest mountain in Great Smoky

Cades Cove & Cataloochee 

Blue Ridge Parkway— America’s most beautiful highway? 

Appalachian Autumn ‚ Photographs taken at these locations during the peak of fall colour, 2000

Travel Abroad— Images from Asia & Europe

Bali ‚ Photographs from a trip to Bali, Indonesia

Hawaii ‚ A small portfolio from a June, 2000 visit

Florence & Tuscany ‚ Travel photography in Italy using a digital SLR

Travels With My Camera— Hints and tricks on traveling with camera equipment

Indian Country ‚ A December, 2000 visit to Northern Arizona

Monument Valley ‚ Another visit to this icon of the American West

Canyon de Chelly ‚ The loveliest small Park in the U.S.

Bisti Badlands ‚ A little-known and delicate wilderness

Lower Antelope Canyon ‚ Recently reopened and spectacular

Grand Canyon ‚ The South Rim and from above

Rock Art ‚ Pictographs and Petroglyphs in Arizona

Lesser Known Locations ‚ Around Northern Arizona

The Rainforest of Costa Rica  ‚ A wildlife portfolio

Lake Powell ‚ House-boating the canyons of the Escalante with 7 photographers on a Master Class workshop

Ian Lyons ‚ Portfolio and write-up from the Lake Powell Master Class

Prince Edward County ‚ Sandbanks Provincial Park and the marsh lands

Bosque del Apache ‚ one of the world’s great locations for migratory bird photography

White Sands National Monument ‚ a beautiful landscape photography location in southern New Mexico

Three Rivers Petroglyph Site ‚a leading site for prehistoric Rock Art, located in southern New Mexico

Yucatan, Mexico ‚ photographing Mayan temples and the wildlife refuge at Celestún. 

Moose in Algonquin ‚ photographing these reclusive giants in Ontario’s largest Provincial Park

A Photographic Expedition to Iceland ‚ one of the world’s last great unknown locations for landscape photography
Photographing Bears at Brooks Falls ‚ the world’s premier site for photographing brown bears, byLee Carney
Venice — Off The Beaten Track ‚ a different face to one of the world’s unique cities

Guest Photographers— Bios of our contributing landscape photographers

Nick Rains ‚ An Australian portfolio by native Nick Rains

Alain Briot— A portfolio by Southwest landscape photographer Alain Briot

Moab Portfolio ‚ Photographs from Southern Utah taken in January, 2000

Steve Kossack— A portfolio on the Southwest by Steve Kossack

A Southern Utah Portfolio ‚ Images from a Canyonlands and Arches N.P. shoot in January, 2000

A Grand Canyon Portfolio ‚ Steve’s images from rafting the Colorado River in May, 2000

James Chow— A portfolio of images of Japanese landscapes by James Chow

Western Views— A portfolio from the Western U.S. by James Chow

Grand Teton ‚ A study on two mornings of Oxbow Bend on the Snake River in Grand Teton NP

Paul Elson ‚ A NY-based commercial photographer with an artist’s eye and unique digital technique

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Michael Reichmann is the founder of the Luminous Landscape. Michael passed away in May 2016. Since its inception in 1999 LuLa has become the world's largest site devoted to the art, craft, and technology of photography. Each month more than one million people from every country on the globe visit LuLa.

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